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Neutralizing Nesting Threats During Dwell Time

Updated: May 24

Redefining Proactive Cybersecurity by Associating Insights

dwell time in cybersecurity

In cybersecurity, a game of cat and mouse plays out daily between defenders and threat actors infiltrating and navigating cloud environments. One of the most significant challenges organizations face is uncovering malicious actors during their 'dwell time' – that pivotal phase when they are lurking within the digital environment but have yet to strike. By intelligently associating insights, new technology can provide invaluable insights, allowing organizations to neutralize nesting threats proactively rather than reactively – before it’s too late.

A Silent Menace

Before delving into how solutions can address this challenge, it's vital to understand dwell time's significance. Dwell time refers to the period between a threat actor gaining unauthorized access to a digital environment and when the breach is detected, or when the actor launches an attack. This timeframe can range from days to months, during which the intruder is typically navigating the environment, gathering intelligence, and possibly laying the groundwork for a more extensive operation. Acting during the dwell time can be the difference between preventing a cyber-incident and experiencing a full-blown breach.

A Two-Part Approach to Threat Mitigation

The dual strategy for maximizing dwell-time efficacy in cybersecurity hinges on two main approaches. Firstly, a profound understanding of threat actors is imperative. Solutions must identify and study the patterns, techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) that cyber adversaries commonly use. This knowledge goes beyond recognizing isolated incidents of malice; it involves identifying and investigating the patterns that are prevalent across different cyber threats. Such insights give organizations the advantage of predicting and anticipating potential attacks. By proactively seeking out these malicious patterns, cybersecurity becomes less about responding to attacks after they happen and more about actively hunting and potentially preempting threats before they cause damage. This proactive posture not only strengthens defenses but ensures they are agile and able to adapt alongside the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats. The second pillar of this strategy stresses the importance of recognizing anomalies and deviations in digital behavior patterns. Cybersecurity systems should be attuned to the slightest irregularities that diverge from established norms, as these could foreshadow a looming attack. Such systems should be refined to register these subtle changes, which are often the precursors of sophisticated, evolved threats designed to elude standard security measures. By being attuned to these minor shifts, cybersecurity solutions can spearhead preemptive threat hunting and bolster organizational defenses against not only current threats but also emerging ones that defy prediction. This two-pronged approach results in a cybersecurity system that adeptly distinguishes true threats from false alarms, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of security teams.

Focusing on What Truly Matters

One of the persistent challenges in cybersecurity is the overwhelming number of alerts. Every day, security operation centers (SOCs) are flooded with a deluge of notifications, many of which turn out to be benign. This noise can distract analysts, leading to alert fatigue and increasing the likelihood of missing a nesting threat. When investigating hundreds to thousands of the alerts arising per day, it is crucial to determine whether an alert points to suspicious activity, or if it is benign. Every investigation takes a great deal of highly valuable time and often causes fatigue. Without automatic investigation tool that provides the needed insights in no time, this mission is doomed to fail.

Only one solution, Cyngular, stands out with its signal-to-noise optimization. This system is designed with a discerning eye – it does not notify users of alerts unless they truly warrant manual investigation.

By investigating alerts end to end automatically before any notification, Cyngular’s approach results in a staggering reduction of noise by over 90%.

Analysts are no longer sidetracked by a cacophony of irrelevant alerts and can focus their attention on the critical signals that matter when proactively hunting and investigating nesting threats.

The Value of Acting During Dwell Time

The power of Cyngular's technology lies in its ability to unveil nesting threats during a threat actor's dwell time. While many solutions in the market can detect threats, the real game-changer is anticipating an attack before it materializes and offering a solution to proactively hunt and investigate threat actors as they infiltrate and navigate a digital environment. By unmasking threat actors during their dwell time, organizations can:

  • Preempt Attacks: By understanding a threat actor's intentions and strategies early on, steps can be taken to hunt, investigate, and neutralize a nesting threat before any actual damage occurs.

  • Gather Intelligence: Observing an actor during their dwell time can provide valuable insights into how they have infiltrated and are navigating environments, which can be instrumental in strengthening defenses.

  • Preserve Reputation and Trust: By thwarting cyber incidents before they escalate, organizations can safeguard their reputation, maintain stakeholder trust, and avoid potential regulatory penalties and remediating weaknesses


Cyngular's proactive approach to nesting threats represents a paradigm shift in how we handle cybersecurity. In a world where reactively battling nesting threats is the norm, the ability to proactively investigate, hunt, and address them is revolutionary. By focusing on the common behaviors of threat actors and the subtle deviations from the norm, Cyngular offers an advanced layer of protection that traditional systems miss. As nesting threats and threat actors continue to evolve in complexity and sophistication, the solutions we employ must stay ahead of the curve. With its insight association and emphasis on proactively mitigating nesting threats during dwell time, Cyngular sets a new standard in cybersecurity.


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