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The Power of Timing

Updated: Feb 5

How to Capitalize on Dwell Time in Cybersecurity

Dwell Time and Cybersecurity

Timing is Everything

In the intricate game of cybersecurity in the cloud, timing is of the essence.

A refined approach must delve deep into the nuances of threat hunting and investigation, particularly focusing on the critical phase known as the "dwell time." This is the period during which threat actors silently reside within an organization's cloud, gathering information and planning their next moves. By heightening the hunting and investigation capabilities during this sometimes-overlooked window, solutions can substantially boost the odds of unveiling these covert operations.

A proactive stance provides organizations with a unique advantage: the ability to gain valuable insights into the intentions and strategies of concrete attackers. Armed with this knowledge, organizations are better equipped to counteract these threats in their nascent stages. In doing so, they can prevent what might otherwise evolve into significant, destructive cyber incidents, safeguarding their assets, reputation, and stakeholder trust.

This is particularly vital during the dwell time.

A Two-Part Strategy to Seize the Moment

The following dual strategy to make the most of dwell time is a must include:

  • A deep and comprehensive understanding of threat actors. Recognizing that these malicious entities often exhibit repeatable techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), solutions must dedicate significant resources to pinpoint the common denominators among them. This approach is not merely about identifying sporadic malicious activities, but about discerning patterns that permeate through a vast array of cyber threats, giving the organization a predictive edge in anticipating potential attacks. By seeking patterns and behaviors that are consistently aligned with malicious intent, a solution’s methodology must offer a proactive stance in cybersecurity. Instead of merely reacting to threats as they arise, the emphasis on understanding these behavioral blueprints allows for early hunting and investigation and, in many instances, preemption of threats before they can inflict harm. This deep dive into the modus operandi of threat actors ensures that defenses are not just robust, but also dynamic and adaptive, mirroring the evolving nature of cyber threats.

  • A strong emphasis on the significance of deviations and abnormalities in digital patterns and behaviors. This meticulous scrutiny stems from the understanding that in the vast realm of cybersecurity, often, it's the subtle irregularities that precede a full-blown attack. Established norms in digital activities provide a baseline, and any deviation from this baseline, no matter how minor, can be an early warning sign. The optimal systems are fine-tuned to pick up on these nuances, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. While many cybersecurity systems focus predominantly on known threat signatures, solutions must go a step further. They must recognize that modern cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, frequently evolving to bypass traditional security measures. As such, even minor variances from the norm can be indicators of a new, previously unidentified threat. By staying vigilant to these subtle shifts, solutions must position themselves at the forefront of proactive threat hunting and investigation, ensuring that organizations are safeguarded against not just known threats, but also against emerging and unpredictable challenges.

The result of this two-part strategy is a finely tuned system that excels at alerting security teams to actual threats, reducing the overwhelming noise that often plagues security operations.

Cyngular has emerged with a solution that stands out for its precision and efficiency in this realm, mastering the art of sifting through vast amounts of data, and isolating genuine threats from benign activities. This capability is invaluable, especially when security operations are frequently inundated with a cacophony of alerts and notifications, many of which turn out to be false alarms.

Avoiding Unnecessary Alarm

The challenge for any robust cybersecurity system is not just to detect threats in the cloud but to do so without raising unnecessary alarms or overburdening the teams responding to them.

Cyngular's prowess lies in its ability to streamline and optimize this process, ensuring that security teams receive on-the-spot, accurate insights, and help of entirely automated investigations. This minimizes the distraction of irrelevant noise and the burden of manual processes, allowing security professionals to concentrate on what matters, thereby saving 90% of analyst time for threats that require more sophisticated responses.

The combination of advanced technology and expert knowledge, especially in investigation and visualization tools, offers a robust defense uncovering nesting threats. By providing organizations with detailed insights and faster, automated capabilities, Cyngular can help these organizations build a more secure and resilient cybersecurity defense in the cloud.


Dwell time, that silent phase when threat actors discreetly infiltrate and navigate an organization's digital environment, is often the make-or-break moment in a cyber attack's lifecycle.

Recognizing and addressing this often-neglected period with enhanced hunting and investigation capabilities in the cloud can be the difference between a successfully thwarted attack and a damaging breach. A strong cybersecurity system's goal is not only to identify threats but also to avoid false alarms. To truly fortify cyber defenses, it's essential to give the shortened dwell time the attention and scrutiny it rightly deserves.

Connecting different alerts over a vast period of time can be challenging, emphasizing the importance of a unified cybersecurity approach featuring automation in ever-evolving SOCs. Cyngular's innovative solution to uncover threats presents a valuable method for smartly identifying and addressing threats during the vital dwell time phase, achieving a hermetically secured cloud environment.


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