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Free Proof-of-Value Offer:
Breach Assessment

Unlock the Power of Cloud Investigation & Response Automation (CIRA)

Free Offer of a Revolutionary Solution

Cyngular's innovative approach to CIRA extends beyond traditional SIEM and SOAR capabilities, offering a transformative solution to combat the complexities of cybersecurity in the cloud.


Why Choose Cyngular's Free PoV for Your Cloud Environment?

  • Safe: Only requires read-only access to your existing cloud digital environment, ensuring safe continuing operations.

  • Fast: Deployable within one hour or less, providing immediate insights and results.

  • Easy: Seamlessly integrates into cloud environments with minimal setup – all through an agentless solution.


The Cyngular Difference: Bridging the Final Gaps in Cybersecurity

  • Deep Investigation: Proactively delve into the nuances of security operations.

  • Actionable Intelligence: Transform raw data into clear, actionable insights.

  • Threat Hunting and Remediation: Neutralize threats during dwell-time, before they escalate.

See Cyngular in Action in Your Cloud Environment

  • Fast Deployment: Experience the swift implementation and integration capabilities of Cyngular.

  • Intuitive Reporting: Understand the tangible benefits of enhanced threat identification and remediation.

  • Transformative Insights: Witness how Cyngular illuminates nesting threats and provides a uniquely valuable CIRA solution.


Take the First Step Towards Enhanced Cybersecurity

  • Embrace a proactive approach to cybersecurity with Cyngular's free proof-of-value offer. 

  • Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of CIRA and see how it can transform your organization's approach to digital threats in the cloud.

Complete the Form to Get Started

Thanks for requesting your free Proof-of-Value! If you're qualified, the team will reach out to you very soon.

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